Angelo Valenti

You're Making this Way too Hard

You're Making this Way Too Hard


Are you just living your life, or are you truly enjoying it?
Going through the motions or treasuring what every little moment has to offer?

If you find yourself simply counting down the days until the weekend or your next vacation, chances are you’ve forgotten how to truly enjoy life as it comes to you. There are no gimmicks, formulas, or 12-step programs in these pages that are going to get you on the path to freedom. The simple truth is that you already have the answers inside yourself; you’ve merely forgotten what they feel like!

Join Dr. Angelo Valenti on an eye-opening journey that shifts the focus back to what matters the most: You! Stop fighting the system and find a way to work it to your advantage; stop obsessing about what social media tells you to be and learn how to say no to others and yes to creating the life that you’ve always wanted.

When you start utilizing the tools to enjoy life again, you’ll be able to push past constant worries like your finances and your social status. It’s time to rediscover that the biggest decisions you can make are the ones that will bring you the most joy in life.

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