Dr. Angelo Valenti

About Dr. Angelo Valenti

After earning my MS and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Georgia, I began my professional career as an assistant professor at Oklahoma City University, where I served as Chairman of the Psychology Department from 1976-1979. I left the academic world in 1980 and joined the psychological consulting firm RHR International in their Memphis office. This is where I learned how to help business leaders grow their businesses by hiring and developing the right people for their unique cultures. I’ve been passionate about helping leaders live their best personal and professional lives for over 40 years.

While working with these leaders, I came to realize that many of them had forgotten or lost the ability to enjoy their lives, even though to the outside world they were highly respected and successful. This led me to expand my coaching practice to individuals who are searching for how to find the joy, contentment, and satisfaction that is within each of us.

My book, You’re Making This Way Too Hard: Find Your EASY Way to NJOYLFE, is a primer for those who want to unlock that inner joy and do so the easy way.